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Heartfelt stories and artwork by compassionate people.

from past workshops: Teen Parenting

posted January 2019

This sweet little dancing shoe was made by a young mother-to-be who was attending classes to support and educate teen parents. Some of the stories from this class were written in native languages, but the intentions were clear: the babies were wanted and loved, and the artwork expressed hope for a joyful childhood.   

Columbus OH    *plaster sculpture with collage

from past workshops: Teen Parenting

posted January 2019

A young father-to-be made this soccer shoe and wrote a beautiful story about his son playing soccer and getting his shoes all dirty and torn, but looking at them with satisfaction that he had played well.   

Columbus OH   *plaster sculpture with marker

from past workshops: Divine Timing

posted January 2019

She had angelic help to get on a plane and arrive on time: "This shoe is about the feeling that comes over you, that pushes you as if you were meant to be there, you just have to go."

"Ava died two days after birth; I was blessed to be at her bedside with her mom, my best friend, taking in her beauty and asking her to watch over us in His Kingdom."       

Kelly Doege Gallat, Houston TX    * clay sculpture

from past workshops: Trapped

posted January 2019

A young girl's compassion: "This shoe is for all the young girls trapped in sex trafficking, hoping to be rescued from their pain. I would like to give them a chance to start over and begin new lives wearing new shoes."

Katelynn Carpenter, Columbus Ohio     *clay sculpture

from past workshops: Respect

posted January 2019

Professional respect from a young officer: "This boot represents all the fallen law enforcement officers, and all of the sacrifices they've given to protect society."   

Alex Ray, Newark, Ohio    *clay sculpture

from past workshops: Another Culture

posted January 2019 

After her family went on a mission trip to Haiti:  "I have made a flip flop, to know the people in Haiti more. They get up in the morning and hear the roosters and cows. It is really hot there, so I wonder how they handle the heat. What would it be like to live like them, or to BE them?"   

Marissa Turner, age 8, Gahanna, Ohio    *clay sculpture

from past workshops: His Ability

posted January 2019 

"My oldest brother has required the use of a brace to help him walk, since becoming paralyzed on his left side at the age of 14, after suffering a brain hemorrhage. Most people see his brace as part of his disability, but he sees the brace as his ability; his ability to walk, hike, and drive. Don't be sad, be glad for him."   

Jan Quackenbush, Newark, Ohio    *clay sculpture

from past workshops: Dad

posted January 2019 

"Dad and his old slippers still work on the farm, at 88. He grew up during the Depression, was in the Philippine jungles in the war, got a bullet in his calf, but kept on going. He took care of mom, sleeping on the couch until she died."   

Phadia Adams,  Columbus, Ohio    *clay sculpture

from past workshops: Aging

posted January 2019 

"This shoe represents all the aging baby boomers. Some have secured a comfortable future, while many others are struggling to meet everyday needs. Problems can arise quickly for older people. This aging generation needs our compassion."    

Jeff Akers,  Westerville, Ohio    *clay sculpture

from past workshops: Veteran

posted January 2019 

"T C is a Viet Nam Veteran, who for years was a homeless man, living under a bridge. This shoe is my memory of his muddy old combat boots when I first met him. Now he has an apartment, and a new life. He lives in Columbus with his beloved cat Q."    

Nancy Snyder,  Columbus, Ohio    *clay sculpture

from past workshops: Joyful Aunt

posted January 2019 

"I had a favorite aunt who, by society's standards, had no reason to be happy. Yet she was the most peaceful and joyful person I have ever known. She wore simple black laced heals to church, but was barefoot most of the time."    

Paul Miller,  Columbus, Ohio    *clay sculpture

from past workshops: Family

posted January 2019 

"My bunny slipper represents a loving family, because when you wake up on a Saturday morning you put on your comfy slippers and eat a nice breakfast as a family and all is well. It's the weekend so you want to be lazy and comfy. Everyone seems happy, calm, relaxed and at home."    

Madelyn Turner, age 12,  Columbus, Ohio    *clay sculpture

from past workshops: Working Together

posted January 2019 

"While in college I went to Camaroon, Africa, to set up a village water project. Despite our best efforts, at times it seemed like we were stomping in, intruding with our culture and our needs. This shoe depicts the way both cultures did their best to embrace and adapt so that we could work together to address the water problem. It transitions from a work boot which we were all wearing, to a flip flop, which they all were wearing, to get the work done."   

Micah Whitt,  Columbus, Ohio    *clay sculpture

from past workshops: Other Cultures

posted January 2019 

"My moccasin represents History and The Past. I want to learn more about what people were like, and the struggles and the happy times of the Native Americans, especially."   

Emma Smith, age 11,  Whitehall, Ohio    *clay sculpture

from past workshops: Compromises

posted January 2019 

"My mom and dad had six babies and times were hard. Caring for the farm and the family, there were too few dollars for 'dry goods' . By the end of the summer mom's canvas shoes were shot-- she put herself last so that we could have shoes for school."

Lindsey Cole,  Columbus, Ohio    *clay sculpture

from past workshops: Aspirations

posted January 2019 

"This is the shoe of the teacher I aspire to be. I have become a teacher to be able to make a difference, and I see it reflected back in the eyes of my young students. I want to inspire and encourage them to be the best they can be."

Allyson Ray,  Newark, Ohio    *clay sculpture

from past workshops: Aspirations

posted January 2019 

"My grandmother was a missionary in Haiti and agonized over all the children with deformed legs and feet; while back in the U.S, her own grandchildren's feet were easily fixed as infants. My brother and I were the fortunate ones who had casts as babies so that today we can easily walk and run."

Lauren Grace (Whitt) Akers,  Westerville, Ohio    *clay sculpture

from past workshops: Be Exuberant!

posted January 2019 

"We used to live in a world where we were told to follow the rules, to pipe down, to be careful of expressing ourselves, to be quiet and reserved. But now we can wear brightly designed sneakers to express our colorful personalities ."

Robbin Andrews,  Columbus, Ohio    *plaster sculpture with tissue paper

from past workshops: Brighten It Up

posted January 2019 

"Everyone needs a pair of bright yellow shoes to walk through life's  s**t."

Barb G,  Columbus, Ohio    *plaster sculpture with tissue paper

from past workshops: Mother Teresa

posted January 2019 

"I chose Mother Teresa because she must have had a lot of sorrow when she was helping the poor people in India. I can relate to her because when I go to a big city I see lots of poor people asking for money. I made her shoe to look like cracked leather with dirt and stains."

MH, Middle school student, Columbus, Ohio    *clay sculpture

from past workshops: Curiosity

posted January 2019 

"I made a shoe based on Thomas Edison because we both like to do experiments. My shoe describes both of us, by having a light bulb on the top of a tennis shoe. What Thomas and I feel like when we are experimenting is curiosity: what is going to happen next?"

RG, Middle school student, Columbus, Ohio    *clay sculpture

from past workshops: Equality

posted January 2019 

"Do not mistake the pink of my femininity as being submissive to other's banter, nor for softness in my meter. No way; for I am authentically me. I have the same human rights as do all others and this shoe will tread anywhere to proclaim them-- to stand for them-- to work for them. YES we will obtain our full and equal rights!"

Jimi,  Columbus, Ohio    *plaster sculpture with tissue paper

2019 workshops: Sacred Remembrance

posted February 2019 

"My youngest son Truman stepped out of his shoes on November 11, 2018, for the last time. He had a great sense of order and responsibility for those he loved. We can't imagine how anyone could ever fill his shoes."

Lilly,  Columbus Ohio,  *clay sculpture

2019 workshops: Inspiration

posted February 2019 

"Grace Evelyn Janaway, my maternal grandmother, lived to be 102 years old. She is a true inspiration to me to this day. She was wise, loving and spunky despite being 4' 11" tall and wearing a size 4.5 girls shoe. (This shoe is the size she wore.) Though small in stature she was larger than life herself."   

Robin Brookhouse,  Columbus Ohio,  *clay sculpture

2019 workshops: Loving Tribute

posted February 2019 

"My son Heath had a big heart and big feet. He wore size 15 boot. He left these huge foot prints all over our hearts. We have never been the same." Linda Landis,  Columbus Ohio,  *clay sculpture

2019 workshops: Life at the Fullest

posted February 2019 

"We all have heard the saying to not judge a person until you have walked a mile in their shoes. From the looks of this one, I see a person that has walked many miles. I see a person that has worked hard, played hard and has seen the great things life has to offer. As I look at this shoe, I wonder what my shoes will look like at the end of my life. I hope they look like this one." 

Karl Schulman,  Columbus Ohio,  *clay sculpture

2019 workshops: Perseverance of Women   

posted April 2019 

"My great great grandmother was left alone in the US at age 12, in 1864, while her mother and stepfather returned to Scotland. She fended for herself and ended up raising 6 children on her own after her husband died of pneumonia. If she persevered through all that, I feel like I can handle anything." 

Laurel Peterson,  Columbus Ohio,  *clay sculpture

2019 workshops: Lifted by Community   

posted April 2019 

"We lived in rural Oriental, NC, when my husband suddenly and shockingly died. The entire community surrounded and supported me, and in my grief and shock I was lifted by hundreds of people, some that I didn't even know. In the midst of this tragedy I experienced a beautiful and heartfelt example of what a wonderful loving world we live in. This is what our world is REALLY like...." 

Care Gerdeman,  Columbus Ohio,  *clay sculpture

2019 workshops: Transformation   

posted April 2019 

"Spirit brought the vision of the dragonfly to me for this project. The spiritual meaning of dragonfly symbolizes change, transformation, adaptability and self realization. It is a perfect symbol for this time in my life. As my mother is experiencing more independence, I explore the transformation of my life as I approach my retirement."

Jenny Peery,  Columbus Ohio,  *clay sculpture

2019 workshops: Choices!   

posted April 2019 

"These Boots Are Made For...

whatever the intention is of the person who slips her foot into the boot!

Exploring, Gardening, Learning, Jumping in puddles, Farming, Laughing, Hiking, Caring for the Earth. Yes! Shine!"

Janeen,  Columbus Ohio,  *clay sculpture

2019 workshops: Peaceful Living

posted April 2019 

"I'm remembering living in a teepee and gardening, a simpler life with love and respect and working together. We need that compassion and community now, more that ever."

Marcia,  Columbus Ohio,  *clay sculpture