Making It in 2019

Making It in 2019: a Year of Artistic Discovery and Deep Story Telling

Join us in a community art/writing experience about empathy. To participate, simply sculpt your ideas in any material, and write the story that inspired it. Submit a good photo of your work along with your story to the website, and we will add it to the growing collection from -we hope- all corners of the world. I have lead many workshops on  this topic and they are always amazing. This year I want to invite  people I don't even know to do the project on their own and send their responses in,  adding to the richness of this collection. The project idea is called “Someone Else’s Shoes,” described below. The final goals are to select pictures and stories to include in a beautiful and heart-opening book with that title, as well as building a website full of compelling storytelling. Watch for the new submissions! 

Someone Else’s Shoes

Empathy is the ability to understand the feelings or the essence of another, even if you haven’t experienced the same thing, as the saying “walking in someone else’s shoes” illustrates. Have you learned something crucial from, or appreciated a new perspective, or even changed your life path because of knowing someone? Make a sculpture of their shoes, and tell the story of how you have changed from understanding or knowing them.

Your sculpture and story can be about anyone; someone who is alive now, or from the past or future, whether you have actually met them or they were your best friend. The point is illustrating how knowing or understanding them has affected you. A couple of paragraphs are usually sufficient to tell your story. I may edit for understanding.

The “Someone Else’s Shoes” project can be done in classrooms, workshops, and by anyone who dares to stretch their skill sets to be artists and writers. There are no age limits or materials guidelines, no writing or art experience necessary, just the yearning to share personal stories. There is no charge to submit or join anything, you keep your own projects, and you can use whatever art/craft materials you are comfortable with, so come on, 


***Friends in Columbus Ohio: contact me through this website to schedule workshops for 8-10 people at my ceramics studio. Columbus Center for Spiritual Living is meeting every fourth Saturday, 4-7pm, throughout 2019. It is a fundraiser for the Center, so will cost $20 per session, half going to pay for the workshop supplies and half to the Center. You of course don't have to be a member. If you would like to do this separately as a fundraiser for your group, let's talk! (Use the Contact and cart button, and send me a message.)


***Friends in other places: gather a group, do this project together in your own way, and submit to this website! I can't wait to "meet" you through your creative work!