The origin of the statement "There's no pill for that!"

I'm an artist who uses energy work to help keep myself and my family healthy, balanced, and spiritually connected. I'm married to a psychiatrist who is traditionally trained and licensed to prescribe medication for things like brain injury and malfunction, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, ADHD, etc.

There's a lot of suffering out there. Both of us, the artist and the doc, believe that western medicine is not the whole answer. In our years of discussion over how to enhance health and wellbeing, coming  from our different perspectives, we agree that pharmaceuticals are sometimes very useful. We also agree that a good diet, appropriate exercise, and quality sleep are essential.

BUT all this doesn't resolve the underlying issues that may be keeping a person from really getting well. We have repeatedly recognized that there's no pill for solving problems that have layers and layers 

of illness-provoking energies like 

limiting beliefs,

overwhelming fears,

lack of forgiveness,

or broken and disconnected hearts. 

So my artwork is an

artist's prescription for wellness. 

After all, everything is energy right? 

Artwork can illuminate healing energies by communicating 


and beauty

and love for life.

Create your beautiful life.